RiverMtn2.jpgThe River is Here

Jesus gives the gift of the Helper. He produces joy in our lives. When God created the human brain, he created centres that control emotion and release endorphins. When they are released we experience a sense of well being and happiness. The presence of the Holy Spirit and focusing on God the Father and his Son Jesus also bring these feelings in the hearts of believers. You can experience this too by accepting Jesus as your saviour. He will produce this holy happiness, this joy in your life too. The gift of the helper can become present in your life and produce this joy in you too. People search for happiness in all the wrong places. True happiness that lasts even through negative circumstances is found in God. This song is meant to be represent through dance in a visual art form, the feelings of happiness that Christians and you too can have. There is great fun and happiness in being a Christian.

This song in particular celebrates the Helpers presence using the allegory of a river. It is hard to explain that which is unseen. Using visual images can often help. An image of a river is used for this reason to explain Him and his source. The source of the helper, otherwise known as the Holy Spirit, is Jesus and the Father. We only get the Helper when we believe in the Son. This river [the helper] begins  or has its source at the mountain or throne of heaven where Jesus and the Father reside.

Riverflow.jpgThe first verse of the song states "Down the mountain the river flows." I visually represent this image of a mountain by placing my hands to the side and up high and flat side by side like the photo shows.My arms and hands sweep down from this to depict a flowing river whose source was the mountain depicted earlier.  When I focus on God the Father or Jesus his Son the Helper becomes present in my midst. I have experienced this many times.

River1.jpgOne of the results of the Helper is to produce the emotion of happiness in a believers heart. This song celebrates the joy produced in us. As the song states "The river of God sets our feet to dancing." This great joy makes me want to dance.  I do a river dance step and gesture with my hands to declare that indeed He sets our feet to dancing.

"The river of God fills our heart with cheer." as stated in the song is indeed true. I do cheering motions reminiscent of someone cheering for their favourite team at a baseball game to represent this feeling. Happiness is very much part of Christianity when we are close to God.I use closed fists with my hands pointing upwards and then moving down to symbolize the cheer that is in my heart.
"And we rejoice for the river is here." sums up the celebration I and we feel because of God being with us in the form of the Helper or the Holy Spirit. It is often said that we jump for joy. I do a jump and twirl to represent the joy in my heart.This song celebrates this life full of refreshing happiness that is found in the presence of the helper.No need for "uppers", prescription drugs or alcohol. The helper drowns misery and sadness with his presence and instead turns our sadness into joy. I encourage anyone searching for happiness to click on to Seekers and consider praying to God for the gift of his Holy Spirit and see for yourself.

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