RiverMtn2.jpgThe River Is Here

The Grace Trilogy focused on Jesus while the Father of Lights focused on our Father who is in heaven.The “River Is Here” focuses on God with us or the Holy Spirit.

The third person of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit. The focus of the third song is on the Holy Spirit that abides with and in us. It is because of our belief in Jesus that we have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The prelude in this song is a great opportunity to symbolize the source of this gift -- Jesus Christ. When I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior the Holy Spirit entered and dwells within me.
It is after we have come to the Father through the Son Jesus that we are blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The source of the Holy Spirit [the river] is the Father and Son. Pentecost happened after Jesus died on the cross and rose again. Since the presence of the Holy Spirit is due to the work of Jesus, I map out a cross pattern with feet movements across the floor. I do the Irish step- type movements first horizontally than vertically across the dance floor to create the cross pattern. It is done in a flowing motion to conjure up the image of a flowing river. These patterns and steps were chosen to symbolize Jesus and the resulting gift--The Holy Spirit.

RiverRefresh.jpgThe Holy Spirit is a spirit and cannot be seen for that reason. So metaphors are great ways of describing the unseen. In this sense the Holy Spirit can be visualized as flowing within our souls and spirits like a river. Like the cold water of a river he refreshes and revives a thirsty tired soul which gives us the energy and refreshment to continue on our journey and adventure on earth.When I am tired and discouraged it is he that revives and refreshes me so I may continue.This is very much a personal experience for me in my Christian walk.This song touches on the refreshing and reviving qualities of the Holy Spirit. I represent this by showing a sagging body image followed by a refreshed open armed straight body image and a happy countenance on my face.

Without Jesus we cannot receive the Holy Spirit because Jesus and the Father are the source. From on top of the holy mountain on the throne of heaven resides the Father and the Son. From this mountain the river flows-the Holy Spirit. In other words down the holy mountain flows the holy river. In Revelations this allegory is very well developed although there is no mention of the mountain. Nevertheless, it is the acceptance of Jesus in our lives and obedience to him that is the source of the Holy Spirit. When I obey God I sense the dwelling of the Holy Spirit in me. This truth is real to me because I’ve experienced it in my life. The living water pouring down from the throne or mountain where Jesus and the Father reside into the hearts of believers is mimed next.

Riverflow.jpgThe first stanza of the first verse is “Down the mountain the river flows”. I create an image of a throne or mountain with flattened hands that I extend to one side of me as the illustration shows. My arms and fingers begin to move down from this point in a flowing river-like manner.

The last half on the stanza is “and it brings refreshing wherever it goes”.There are two verses in this song which touch upon reviving and refreshing qualities on the Holy Spirit and this is one of them.The other phrase is “and all who touch it can be revived”. This is another reason Christianity is such ‘good news’. I can go to God to be refreshed and revived.

The Holy Spirit when he abides in me is indeed my source of refreshment in a spiritual and psychological sense. A limp, sagging and exhausted body is refreshed and revived by a plunge in the river. Likewise, an exhausted, limp and sagging psyche and spirit are revived and refreshed by the effects of the living waters of the holy river. Putting it another way and continuing to utilize the analogy of a river, it is often during my most exhausting spiritual times that the Holy Spirit rushes into me and refreshes me just like a river does. I have renewed energy. When I look to God for revival and take the plunge of faith, the Holy Spirit rushes or pours or flows into me like a mighty and powerful river. He can revive and refresh all of us if we but accept his Son into our hearts and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

RiverPlunge.jpgThe Holy Spirit is also the provider of spiritual life just like a river is a provider of life for all that flows and dwells in it. I mime a diving position with my arms as if plunging into water and come up with my arms moving upwards as if coming up from a refreshing, reviving jump into a river.

Once I experienced this life giving and refreshing aspect of the Holy Spirit I find I come back for more and want to stay close to him. Hence, I and all Christians thirst for the presence of God--the living water--the Holy Spirit. I mime cupping my hand as if to drink in the living water--to let it pour into me.

To continue the analogy I want to stay in and close to the banks of the river and the joy it imparts.. The Holy Spirit--the river of God also produces the fruit of joy in my life. It is one of my favourite fruits of the Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is in me I can testify wholeheartedly that he indeed does what the following verse talks about in my life. “The river of God sets our feet to dancing, the river of God fills our hearts with cheer, the river of God fills our mouths with laughter and we rejoice for the river is here”.

When the gift - the Holy Spirit is in me he produces joy that is revitalizing and so refreshing even in the most negative circumstances. He brings cheer and laughter and creates a more positive spirit and emotion in me. So much joy and cheer and life wells up and overflows in my heart when the river flows into me that rivers of living water-to continue the allegory do indeed flow out from us and effect others around us. That is why dancing joyfully with the Holy Spirit effects those watching us with joy as well. He will flow into them and produce the joy in them. This is one example which shows how Christian dance can help members of the church experience God’s joy to the fullest during a worship service.Christian dance can indeed be used to build the church up, revitalize her and refresh her when Christian dancers are given the opportunity to be used by the Holy Spirit in this way.
  River1.jpgRiverMe.jpgWhen I’m filled with happiness and joy, I want to dance. The River of God does set my feet to dancing. In order to make this point, I gesture with my arms to show my dancing feet. To express that he fills our hearts with cheer, I touch my heart to my hands and then do a cheering motion with my hands to represent how my heart is filled with cheer. I do a turn with a jump to represent the rejoicing that is in my heart because of the gift of the Holy Spirit. in my soul. He is a precious gift. I mime this by clutching my hands as if shielding or hiding this precious gift and I bring it to my heart to show how precious the presence of God is to me.

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