Purpose of this Site

1. For Christians to browse so that they can receive a greater understanding and appreciation of dance and how it is used as a vehicle to express aspects of the gospels.

2. As a way of linking with other Christian dancers and artists both in Canada and around the world in order to share ideas and in order to collaborate as partners with Christian love as the motive.

3.To reach out to others with the message of Good News. To share with others a God, Our Father, who loved them so much he gave his only Son for them. To share with others a Saviour Jesus who loved them so much he died and suffered for them. To share with others the Holy Spirit-God with us.

4.This is meant to be a resource site. If there is someone you know who wants to appreciate and understand Christian dance more fully please tell them about this site. If this format for explaining Christianity and Christian dance may be palatable to a non-Christian please tell them about it too.

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