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123-2357c.jpgI am a Christian who has a sincere desire to share my faith. I think worship dance is one way to reach the ‘new millennium’ man in a unique loving format. God through his Son Jesus Christ has effected me with his love, his joy and by showing me the meaning of life. I express this through worship dance. If others are looking for joy, love and meaning they can also consider Christianity. It can be used to worship and praise God as well. I believe worship dance can be and is a great medium for expressing these aspects of Christianity. “the gospel through dance” is how I summarize this way of dancing.

I am available for teaching Christian Dance. For more information please click on Teaching.

124-2413_IMG.jpgFirst comes the music for example classical music, then comes the dance - ballet. First comes contemporary Christian music then the dance - contemporary Christian dance. Christian contemporary dance is also a response to God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. It is inspired and choreographed with the help of the Holy Spirit, “God with us”. It is how my thoughts and heart respond to God’s love and joy or God’s presence in my life.

GraceSin.jpgI use the Bible, the Christian books I’ve read, the knowledge from theology courses I’ve taken as well as neuroscience principles I’ve gleaned, drama, mime, sign language, use of body language principles and use of facial expressions to act out and express the meaning and emotions the song conveys. I also use the skills and technique from my folk dancing, ballet and jazz training to express what the song is talking about and the response of my soul and every other Christians to the message.
From my neuroscience studies, with an emphasis on psychology, and my training as an RN I use the knowledge and experience I gleaned to assess the emotions the song expresses and bring the emotions alive. In other words I use principles of psychology and apply them to portray the drama and passion of the dance. Passionate or psychologically complex pieces are my favourite and where my strength lies because of my background. I have had training in ballet, jazz and folk dancing and use steps from these styles of dancing including contemporary styles such as the twist as the essence of the dance vocabulary.

Christianity is a personal intimate relationship between the believer and God. For that reason those who are gifted to express that relationship through facial expression, sign language, drama, mime and body language should do personal testimonies through dance-or solo dances. Solo dances express the personal relationship most eloquently. It helps make Christian dance and the Christian experience more personally meaningful for the dancer and those watching her or him. Facial and body expressiveness is very important in this type of theatrical dance.

Liliana (Lynn)

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