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Grace Medley Video

File0.pngThe Grace Medley was recorded in 2000 and is narrated here: Grace Medley.

File4.pngGrace Medley Videos (playing time 3:20)

Quicktime format:
Grace Medley (5.6Mb, medium size / good quality)
Grace Medley (3Mb, small / reduced quality)

The images are stills taken from the two video versions.

The River is Here Video
114-1441_IMG.jpg114-1446_IMG.jpgThe River is Here was recorded in May 2001 on the Oxtongue River and is narrated here:   The River is Here.

River is Here (playing time 2:27)

Quicktime format (recommended)

The River is Here (5.6Mb medium size/medium quality)
The River is Here (2.7Mb small/reduced quality)

Windows AVI format (*)

The River is Here (7.3 Mb medium size/medium quality)
The River is Here (4.3 Mb medium size/reduced quality)

The Hope (Easter) Medley Video
124-2413_IMG.jpgThe Hope Medley is an Easter dance, made in Summer 2002, at various locations on Lake of Bays near Algonquin Park. The various moves are discussed in the following narrations: Trials and Hope, and Hope and Healing.

The Hope Medley (playing time 5:14)

Quicktime format

The Hope Medley (13Mb medium size/medium quality) or download in parts: Part 1 (6.9Mb) , Part 2 (6.5Mb).

The Hope Medley (5.9Mb small size/reduced quality)

Victory Chant


Victory Chant (playing time 1:44)

Victory Chant Large (7.8Mb good quality)
Victory Chant Medium (4.2 Mb medium quality)
Victory Chant Small (2.1Mb low quality)

Come, Now is the Time to Worship

ComeStill4.jpgThis combination of ballet and jazz was created in early 2005.

Come, Now is the Time to Worship (playing time 3:06)

Come, Now is the Time to Worship Large (16.8Mb)
Come, Now is the Time to Worship Medium (9.7Mb)
Come, Now is the Time to Worship Small (6Mb)

Video Formats

The videos are provided in Quicktime and (some in) Windows (AVI) formats (*). The Quicktime versions look best, and if you don't have the Quicktime movie player, it is available to download (free) from Apple at:

Quicktime Download.

Windows and Mac versions of QuickTime are available.The AVI versions will play on Windows without downloading a video player, but do require an MP3 player for the audio. See below for video details.

* Quicktime: Quicktime 4, Sorenson video or H.263
* Windows AVI: Windows Media Player, Indeo 5.0, MP3 audio

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